Altus APS-3 to Pacific Crest ADL Base Radio cable

Price: $238.80
MSRP: $298.80

Pacific Crest Replacement Cable

Altus APS-3 to Pacific Crest ADL Base Radio cable



Data cable, 2 meters long, made with GPAC's proprietary Teflon insulated, TPE jacketed cable.

Connects Pacific Crest ADL, PDL Base, RFM96W, & HPB to Altus APS-3 GPS


• LEMO 1B 5-pin connector

• LEMO 1B 8-pin connector

• 12 inch Teflon Armored SAE 2-pin power connector. The Teflon Armor covering allows for a visible check on polarity (red is positive, black is negative) and adds an addition layer of protection for the SAE cable.

• Heavy Duty, adhesive lined shrink tube prevents flex failure of the cable jacket at the rear of the connector.

• Cables are assembled with Silver Solder and meet RoHS requirements.

• The SAE connector is located a few inches behind the Base Radio connector. This prevents failure of the SAE insulation where it passes under the back nut of the LEMO connector in the original Pacific Crest and Chinese clone cables. This is the point where most of these types of OEM cables fail. It also allows for servicing the radio connector as needed. The original cables used RTV cement instead of the normal collet inside the LEMO connector which prevented servicing the connector when necessary.

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