CAD Conversion Services

Convert paper drawings and sketches to a 3D model for use in CAM software (iges or step file format) by the hour.

iges / step file also includes a pdf copy of a check print to verify dimensions and features of the original drawing

Printed Circuit Board Design Services

Single or multiple layer PCB design using Dip Trace from customer supplied circuit schematic.

We supply Gerber and NC drill files, pdf copy of the board layout, pdf copy of the converted schematic, and material list.

We can also supply bare boards with or without solder mask on FR4 (0.062" thick). Price varies based on the number of layers and total square inches.

Concept to Design Services

Convert your design sketches to CAD format drawings (ANSI imperial or metric standards). The service includes 1 set of full scale working drawings (up to 11" X 17" sheet size) and 3D model(s) for use in CAM software (iges or step file format) by the hour.

A set of drawings will include:

Short run or small batch Milling Services

Machine your parts from sketches or engineering drawings with or without an iges file. 3 axis CNC machine envelope is 9.5 x 18 x 16.5 inches. The 4th axis max capacity is 6" in diameter X 12" long.