Base Radio Antenna Mounting Solution

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GPAC Base Radio Antenna Mounting Solution

Key Features:

An economical mounting system for your base radio antenna. Features an aircraft grade, powder coated base plate that sets on a tripod, a specially machined brass antenna adapter, and a 5/8"-11 threaded stainless steel pole adapter.

These parts allow you to either mount a base radio antenna directly on top of your existing tripod or using the pole adapter, raise the antenna above site obstructions with a section or two of line rod.

Generally speaking, anytime you plan to run the base radio in the high power setting (35 watt), the base radio antenna should be at least 1 meter ABOVE the GPS receiving antenna. Otherwise the high power signal envelope radiating from the base antenna can interfer with the GPS signal reception.

System Connections:

The brass antenna adapter is fitted with a TNC type connector. Its recommended that a Right Angle TNC cable be used to connect to it especially if you plan to raise the antenna. However a straight TNC can be used as well. The top thread is designed to mate with a NMO type antenna. This style of antenna is the most common.

The cable length needed will depend upon the site setup. We stock cables from 1 meter through 10 meters. Two types of Right Angle TNC cables are shown below under the "related items". Depending on the age of the base radio, you may need a BNC connector on the opposite end of the coaxial cable. This type of connector is found on the older models of Pacific Crest Base Radios such as the RFM96W, PDL, and HPB. The new model Pacific Crest ADL uses a TNC type connector. Its suggested that you choose our premium cable. The double shield will help prevent desensing the GPS receiver when running the base on high power.

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