GPS Antenna Cable N to TNC

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MSRP: $55.00 - $202.00
Cable Length in Meters (Feet)

GPAC Premium Antenna Cables

RG142B/U Teflon Coaxial Cable

This antenna cable is equipped with a Heavy Duty, fully soldered Type N connector and a standard TNC connector.You can specify the length to suit your need by choosing any of the stock lengths from the drop down. Keep in mind that all cable has loss proportional to the length. You should minimize the total length to keep loss at an acceptable value.

Key Features of RG142B/U

The outer jacket is TFE Teflon and is more resistive to deformation and abrasion and offers better protection than standard coax. The center conductor is silver plated steel and is much stronger than copper and is a better conductor, meaning less signal loss. RG142 coax is double shielded and offers better rejection when working around strong electrical fields and areas of RF interference. Lastly RG142 delivers 63% stronger signals at any given length when compared to RG58 coax.

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This cable is available in various lengths.

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