GPS Antenna Cable BNC to Right Angle TNC

Price: $38.00 - $80.00
MSRP: $39.00 - $84.00
Cable Length in Meters (Feet)

GPAC OEM Grade Antenna Cables

This antenna cable is equipped with BNC and Right Angle TNC connectors.

You can specify the length to suit your need by choosing any of the stock lengths from the drop down..

Keep in mind that all cable has loss proportional to the length. You should minimize the total length to keep loss at an acceptable value.

Key Features of LMR-195 type Coaxial Cable

UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable designed for outdoor use.

Low Loss - replaces RG58 and OEM grade cables


The last two photos are of a cable mounted BNC Jack and a TNC Jack. This cable mates with similar jacks on your equipment. The images are included here to help you verify that this is the cable you require.

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This cable is available in various lengths.

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