Nikon DTM Total Station 30AH External Battery Pack and Charger

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GPAC Portable Power Solution Battery Pack

Efficient - Simple - Flexable - Fool Proof

Key Features:

Utilizing a 12 volt 9 amp hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA) enclosed within a 1000 denier, highly visible safety orange Ballistic Nylon case; the GPAC Portable Power Solution battery pack features 2 fused 15 amp outputs with Anderson Power Pole connectors and a built-in cable pouch that houses the output cable connectors, cables and accessories. The case is equipped with non-conductive heavy duty zippers and a soft grip carry strap.

Weighing in at just over 12 pounds the 1218 carries easy and delivers power to spare.

Fully charged the 1218N1 should deliver a full 1 amp at 8.4 volts for approximately 30 hours (30Ah).

The fused outputs and polarity protected Anderson Power Pole connectors insures that the equipment under power is well protected from short circuits and reverse polarity problems that can happen with power cables equipped with alligator clips.


The Portable Power Solutions Pack Includes:

  • 1000d Ballistic Nylon Case with zippered cable and battery compartments
  • 13.8 Volt 18 amp hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • 8.4 volt DC - DC converter
  • 2 separate 13.8 volt 30 amp hour outputs
  • 13.8 Volt Dual rate Automatic Charger / Maintainer and Charger Cord
  • 1 set of Anderson Power Poles to retrofit an existing power cable
  • Power cable equipped with a Hirose 6-pin connector.


8.4 Volt DC - DC Converter Features and Specifications:

  • Input Voltage = from 10.4 volt minimum to 15.0 volt maximum
  • Load = 2.0 amp continuous
  • Input and Output EMI filtering
  • Operating Temperature = -40C to + 85C
  • 95% conversion efficiency
  • Light weight and Compact
  • Durable Die Cast Aluminum Housing


Why do we supply a DC-DC converter instead of a standard voltage regulator?

DC-DC converters offer advantages over a traditional linear voltage regulators.

  • First, efficiency is much better than voltage regulators. Better than 95% of the battery power is converted directly to 8.4 volts. Most linear voltage regulators only convert portion of the power. The excess is bled off as heat.
  • Second, because less energy is lost in the transfer, smaller components and less thermal management are required making the DC-DC converter lighter and more compact than a linear voltage regulator.
  • Third, battery life is extended due to the increased efficiency.

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