9 Amp Hour Battery Pack Tripod Bracket / State of Charge Indicator

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This machined aluminum tripod bracket uses one slot in your tripod head to hang our 9 Amp Hour battery pack. The housing contains a logic circuit that measures and displays the current state of charge of the battery.

On the front side are 5 large LED's that indicate the current state of charge in steps of 25% The housing features a matte black finish that helps reduce glare and is assembled with stainless steel machine screws.

All of the aluminum parts are machined in house on our 4-axis CNC from 6061 aluminum alloy. The aluminum parts are black anodized using a special process from Pioneer Metal Finishing called "Frostkote". The printed circuit boards are hand assembled, tested and calabrated in house.

The assembled bracket features a curved surface that is wide enough for the carry strap handle on the 9 Amp Hour battery pack. The front panel is elevated to prevent the strap from sliding off the bracket. Nothing special is required to install the bracket or battery pack on to it. Easy on, easy off.

Comes complete with a short battery cable that uses the spare battery pack output for power and capacity calculation.

For the 18AH and 35AH packs a 2 meter cable can be supplied. The 18AH and 35AH packs cannot be hung from the bracket. Choose the 2 meter option when adding this product to the cart.

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